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Zao BB Cream

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What is it? A skincare with benefits of hydration, correction & sun protection

 ★ Providing a sheer coverage finish with a natural plant-derived SPF15. The BB Cream is a magic 5 in 1 skincare for a natural, fresh & luminous skin with the following benefits:
          ★ Intense Moisturising with targeted raw materials
          ★ Perfecting the complexion
          ★ Smooths & restore the skin
          ★ Revives complexion for ultimate radiance
          ★ Offers SPF15 protection from UVA and UVB

☀ Natural Sun Protection: The BB Cream has a very well-balanced ratio of protection from potentially damaging UVA rays, which can accelerate skin ageing and skin cancers and the UVB rays responsible for sunburn. The SPF contains NO NANO particles or raw synthetic materials. Instead, we deploy Karanja oil as an effective plant-based sunscreen due to its properties in providing natural protection against the sun.

As with all Zao products, this product is FREE from talc and parabens (synthetic preservatives), using instead micronised silver as an effective and non-toxic preservative. 

✿ Concentrate with active ingredients of Fucogel, Pheohydrane & AQUAXYL with intense moisturising, restructuring, and anti-ageing properties. It leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. 

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.

Net Volume:  30ml

Zao make-up range use bamboo outer casing with post consumer plastic refill inserts. Simply Plastic Free supports the use of post consumer plastic - helping to prevent current plastics heading to landfill -

Please recycle your plastic inserts responsibly or mail back to Simply Plastic Free