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Flora Soaps & Oils

Shaving Soap (120g)

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This Shaving Soap bar is ideal for both men and women. Just like Shampoo & Conditioner bars this Shaving soap bar is to replace those nasty plastic bottles.

This bar is scented with Cedarwood and clove essential oil.

Perfect for your face, legs, armpits, or wherever you choose to shave!


Thoroughly wet your skin, and apply the lather by using it as a regular soap bar, or with a shaving brush. Create your own consistency. Apply more if you want to generate a rich lather or apply less if you want a more subtle consistency. 

Best used with our selection of Safety Razors for a clean close shave.

All soaps are handmade, variations of weight and look are unavoidable.

Each bar weights roughly 120g.


organic coconut oil, sodium hydroxide/potassium hydroxide*, cocoa butter, water,  soy wax, castor oil, rice bran oil, kaolin clay, silk. cedarwood and clove essential oil
*none left in final product

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