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Bare & Co

Reusable Bamboo Dish Brush

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A kitchen essential!

A bamboo, eco friendly dish brush that also has a replaceable head! This brush is re usable and waste free, made from sustainable bamboo, with sisal bristles ( which is 100% plant based). 

This brush is: 

- Vegan

- Made from Sustainable & Planet Friendly materials 

- Suitable for kitchen and bathroom use

-  Bamboo handle and dish head is biodegradable and can be compostable at the end 

- Dish Brush head is replaceable 

What you will get: 

x 1 Bare & Co. Dish Brush handle ( which is for the replaceable head) 

X 1 Bare & Co. bamboo dish head ( this is designed to be removable and as a replaceable dish sisal bristle head. )