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Silk Dental Floss and Silk Refills

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Plastic Free Dental Floss made from mulberry silk. The glass dental floss container (with metal lid) is pre-filled with one spool of biodegradable silk dental floss.

Is your refillable silk floss glass jar empty? Each refill box contains two 30 meter spools of silk dental floss.

This silk dental floss is eco-friendly — the floss is packaged plastic free and there is no plastic at the bottom of the floss spool. After using your mulberry silk floss you can add it to your home compost.

Plastic Free Dental Floss is coated with Candelilla wax and has a natural mint flavouring. One spool of Plastic Free Dental Floss contains 30 metres of silk dental floss.


100% Mulberry Silk, Candelilla Wax, Purified Peppermint Essential Oil (not vegan)

This products comes in two varieties: Glass Dental Floss, and Silk Refills. Please keep this in mind when shopping.


- BAMBOO/CHARCOAL - made from bamboo fibre and coated with activated charcoal great for whitening

- CORNSTARCH/MINT - made from cornstarch which is enriched with a subtle peppermint flavour

it is 100% vegan and totally biodegradable, just pop it into your compost when finished. Don’t flush it, even though it will biodegrade we don’t want to strangle any fish in the meantime!

It doesn’t contain any nasties, neither to us who put it in our mouth or the environment. Completely BPA and chemical free. 

It’s an eco-friendly alternative to conventional dental floss and used in just the same way. Pull out the amount that you like and cut easily on the metal lid. Twisted up conveniently in a plastic-free glass container