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Green Wrap
Green Wrap


Green Wrap

Greenwrap is a paper solution to a plastic problem. It replaces plastic bubble wrap and is more environmentally responsible in its production, use, recycling and disposal. The box contains 134 meters (when expanded) of interleaved brown kraft paper with white tissue. The Greenwrap coming out of the dispenser box is expandable and compressible and can wrap your precious items securely and snugly, without the need for tape or other fill. Width of the Greenwrap is 508mm (expanded).

Here are some further details about Greenwrap:

- The paper used in the product is SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiatives) certified; is biodegradable, compostable and can be recycled or reused. 
- It is cheaper than bubble wrap and void fillers in the long run, as it’s up to 60% faster to use; requires no tape; occupies only about 12% of the space required to store bubble wrap; allows you to use smaller shipping boxes; and saves between 10-20% of the material required to package items.
- The hexagonal cells in the brown kraft lock together to prevent product migration and to disperse shock.
- A Greenwrapped item looks good in the shipping box!