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Beauty Kubes

Beauty Kubes Beauty Routine

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A unique approach to our morning/evening beauty routine.

Beauty Kubes are single Kubes designed to be gentle on our skin and our environment. Made from organic ingredients and in some products upcycled fruit pulp from the juicing industry.

Crush the Kube in your palm, add a dash of water to create the perfect foamy consistency. Apply directly to the face and neck for a healthier eco-friendly glow.

Reduce those bulky plastic items in your bathroom for these space saving, compact and compostable boxes.

All Beauty Kubes are completely plastic free. The film on the outer boxes is made from Cellulose a plant based fibre which is compostable along with the cardboard and paper inside. the Moisturisers come in an aluminium tin which is recyclable or reusable.

The beauty of these Kubes is you will always know exactly how many washes you have. Know when you are running low and when to restock.

This amazing bundle Valued over $75.00 includes:

Beauty Kubes Exfoliator

Beauty Kubes Face Mask

Beauty Kubes Cleanser

Beauty Kubes Moisturising Face Cream

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