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3 Piece Safety Razor - Silver

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The 3 piece doubled edged safety razor is super easy to use and an eco-friendly option! This stainless steel razor has a traditional, no-fuss three-part mechanism. Simply twist off the head, separate the 2 inserts. Carefully insert blade for an easy & clean, shave. The silver razor is a sleek alternative to traditional disposable razors.  

5 blades included. Additional blades purchased separately. For best performance, replace blade regularly, every 1-2 weeks when used daily.

Use with care and dispose of with caution. 

Prior to shaving, soften skin with hot water. This will assist in getting a smooth, clean shave. 

To install the blade, twist the handle counterclockwise to unscrew handle. Remove middle compartment, place blade gently, combine and insert handle back into the head and twist the bottom clockwise to reassemble.

Add a Konjac sponge & Body Wash Cleansing Kubes for a cleaner smoother shave.