Kay Green


I am Kay Green the creator and Founder of Simply Plastic Free.

An Aussie woman raised in rural Victoria in the hills above the mighty Murray River.

The beginning of my life started in a completely different place; I was born in gorgeous Sri Lanka where I was adopted at an early age. The beauty of these two countries has formed the bases of my love and passion for nature.

I have worked in the service industry for years and experienced working on Hamilton Island before setting off to Canada where I first had my vision of creating this Company.

Hospitality has been both rewarding and challenging at times. However working in an environment that was wasteful has also challenged me to work on my own ethics, consumption and lifestyle.

I now live on the shores of the Indian Ocean in Yallingup,WA, and this is where my dream is becoming a reality.

I hope I can positively influence others to make the change whilst building myself a rewarding career.

Forever grateful.

Kay Green